Won’t You Take Me To Hinkletown


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“Won’t You Take Me To Hinkletown?” is a spirited compilation of songs about the prairie ghost town of Hinkletown, Iowa-close to Bob and Kristie Black’s home. Also included in this CD are additional choice tunes from the rich repertoire of Banjoy, featuring Kristie Black, Mark Wilson, and Paul Roberts. Recorded live at Iowa Public Radio’s “Live From Studio One,” KUNI studio in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Track Listing:

Blood on the Moon
The Diamond Trail
The Union Horse Company
Patrick Monaghan
Hinkletown History Discussion
Hickory Ridge
The Order of the Star
The Ghost of the Hinkletown Train
Come Hither to Go Yonder
Star Trek Manifesto
Bring Your Clothes Back Home
Mississippi Fish Fry
Going Busto
Angel Band
The Irish Volunteer
Bertha Ballard